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  1. Headlight swap

    I have a 2007 Toyota Tundra and have been thinking about changing my headlights to something similar to the 2018 Tundra’s headlights. I have looked through numerous aftermarket sellers but it’s either not what I want or something entirely different. Is it possible to swap the 2018’s headlights...
  2. 2007 Tundra AC Drain Removal For Cleaning

    I have a 2007 Tundra (5.7), and the AC isn't draining from the drain fitting. Does anyone know how to remove the drain fitting to check for debris/trash? I don't ever remember seeing or hearing of this being done. Your help would be greatly appreciated. I can see the fitting: It's above the...
  3. 07 tundra need help!

    My 07 5.7L now has 125k miles on it. Maintenance is usually on point with oil changes and tune up just recently had both wheel bearings replaced because they were drying up. (that worked out fine) have been hearing a loud squeal (very noticeable) from the engine so i read about it and had the...
  4. Aircon wont turn on.

    II am noit a techincal Guy and I joined the forum looking for answers. I am frustrated. I live in Africa and recently imported a 2007 Tundra Model 4.7 Petrol. The car is not common here. The Aircon just stopped working. I have had 2 Aircon guys look at it and they have failed to diagnose the...
  5. Purchasing Advice

    Hey everyone! I'm hoping to be joining the ranks of Tundra owners soon. Looking for some advice right now on buying a used Tundra off craiglist. I would like for the truck to last me long term and not cost a fortune in maintenance. I found a 2007 Dbl Cab Limited with the 5.7 with 98,000 miles...
  6. New B & I Black Carbon Molded Dash Kit Installed

    Just installed the B & I Black Carbon 3D/Molded dash kit (I was tired of the silver). It was extremely simple to do... Just prep the areas with windex followed by rubbing alcohol and let dry, do a dry fit without removing backing of tape, then remove backing of tape if looks good and align and...
  7. Throttle body spacer

    i am debating of getting a throttle body spacer for my tundra 5.7L... what do you guys think about TBS?
  8. 2010 TRD Exhaust on a 2007 5.7?

    I found a great deal on a TRD dual exhaust but it is the new model and the person told me it will not work on the 07-09 tundra. Any ideas on what is different? Would it be possible to make it work on an 07?
  9. Cabin air filter. poorer quality now?

    I have an 07' Tundra. I have never replaced my cabin filter until now, I know I should have done it sooner. Well I searched and found the part number ordered one online and received it at a pretty good price. Once I removed the old one and damn was it nasty, I assume they don't come in black...
  10. Advice on Dealer's Recommendations for Maintenance?

    I recently took my '07 Tundra (4x4; Regular Cab) in to a local Toyota dealership for an oil change and maintenance at the 45,000 mile marker. The service adviser tried selling me on a variety of extra services that he felt were needed at 45K miles. These included: * Performing ZAK Battery...