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  1. ome 614 lift

    After much research and debate I went with the 614 setup to gain a desirable height along with stiffening up the front end a bit. The ride was a bit bouncy for me in the front end. I was planning on going with coachbuilder shackles but opted for the 1.5" block for a similar lift height for now...
  2. 08 Tundra - Front-End Loud Intermittent Ticking Noise- Help!

    Hello everyone, Before anything I want to thank you in advance for your patience, collaboration, and guidance. I have read many threaded discussion with similar issues and used them as reference to target my issue but I have been unsuccessful. However, I am located in southern California and...
  3. Custom Tundra with 12in lift for Sale

    Vehicle Classifieds
    2008 Tundra XSP Package. Crew Max. 101,075 miles. 12in Bulletproof lift kit. 37in Toyos with 20in XD Riots. Asanti front bumper insert with 3- 8in KC lights. LED lights under headlights. Spyder smoke headlights and taillights. Custom grille with removable emblems. Tow hitch with custom skull...
  4. Help replacing factory fog lights

    I bought a new Expedition One front bumper that came with Hella fogs. They are much better than my existing ones that came in the bumper. What exactly do I do to use the existing wiring & switch that's already in the truck? I've tried searching but haven't come across this exact answer. Thanks!
  5. Cruise Control on 07+ Tundra - Plug and Play?

    Hey all, searched for an answer to this, could not find a definite answer... I have a 2008 base grade tundra with the BZ option... the one that deletes the cruise control. I bought the vehicle as a CPO, since I got a good deal on it, I was able to look past it. However, looking at some posts it...
  6. Is the wiring the same for the non JBL single CD as the 6 disc changer non JBL?

    Audio & Stereo
    I have a chance to swap out my non working single CD stereo in my 2008 Tundra for a non JBL 6 disc changer. Will the wiring be the same for both units?
  7. 2008 Crew Max 5.7 - Towing Travel Trailer with ATV in Bed

    I would like to tow my (4800 lbs dry) travel trailer with an ATV (520 lbs) in the bed. I'm not concerned about exceeding the 16000 lbs GCVWR, but I am concerned about going over the maximum payload. I still don't even know for sure what that is. I see according to most sites, its 1495, but...
  8. AFE Intake: Your opinions

    I searched the forums and found a guy who installed an AFE Intake on his Tundra, but he didn't respond back to questions about horsepower gain or gas mileage improvements. My question to you guys is if you have one, or have had one in the past, what do you think of them? I'm not expecting a...
  9. stereo upgrade ! on tundra dc 08

    Audio & Stereo
    Hello And welcome to my posT :help: THANKS IN ADVANCE FOR ANY HELP:help: :focus: So .. My problem it's really really simple ..... not a big deal ! :sad::sad::cry::cry: :noidea::noidea: I don't have a clue how to install My new In-dash gps, amps with new speakers and subwoofer, I don't...