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  1. 2007 Tundra Passenger Side Front Turn Signal Not Working

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    So recently the passenger side headlight turn signal/running light went out. If I turn on my headlights to automatic the light turns on but the turn signal won't work. I checked the bulb and any and all fuses and everything checked out fine. Any suggestions on what the issue could be? I have no...
  2. Front left turn signal and left running light won't illuminate

    Hello, My left turn signal light, and running light will not illuminate. The left running light will illuminate if the headlights are on, but not if the running lights are on. Right running light and signal are fine. When I turn on my left turn signal, it flashes very fast and only illuminates...
  3. 2001 4Runner Turn Signal Failure

    My 2001 4Runner turn signals do not work. I have replaced the flasher even though the hazards work just fine. All of the bulbs are in good shape and I don't have any fuses blown. I replaced the turn signal switch that fixed an unrelated problem with my brights but did not fix my turn signal...