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  1. Steering wheel splitting apart..Ideas?

    Hey guys, the steering wheel on my '02 has started to spilt apart at the seam around the "ring" portion. And, rather than replace the whole wheel, I wanted to try to fix the tear first and see if i could live with the fix. I have tossed around using some kinda glue or epoxy, or tape but that...
  2. Anybody know what size decals to put on the windshield?

    Interior & Exterior
    I have looked throughout the forums but I haven't found anyone mentioning front windshield decals. I was looking for a white or maybe orange colored decal that said "Tundra" to center across the windshield. but I haven't found any yet. any one have a good link or know someone? I'm looking to...
  3. What plastic/vinyl dye works best?

    Interior & Exterior
    I have a crewmax limited with gray leather interior and am planning to do a color-change to a full black interior. Carpet, leather seats, and headliner are no problem, but my challenge is changing the interior plastic/vinyl parts from gray to black (pillars, seat trim, seatbelt buckles, etc)...

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