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  1. Loose Power/Volume know on factory stereo

    Hi I have a 2000 Toyota Tundra SR5 with original Toyota 16815 CD/Tape Stereo. The knob for power/volume is loose. While it still works and I have to pull outward to change the volume, I'd like to repair the knob pretty similar to what is going on in this video here...
  2. Bluetooth guidance volume to loud

    Is there way to lower BT guidance volume? I have 2012 ( Canadian) TRD and the manual on page 435 indicates that it should be possible but if I enter the voice menu: Setup> I don't have the option System Setup only Security Phone and BT setup. Anyone ? Thanks
  3. Xm Satellite Radio Volume

    My Radio in my new Tundra is amazing to me as I never had a Bluetooth radio. My only problem is the XMsatellite radio gain is noticeably lower than any other source. I must turn the volume up to max if I want to play something as compared to maybe 2/3 on Radio or streaming Bluetooth. Is there...