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vsc and abs lights on

  1. After rear brakes replaced Brake warning light and VCS lights won't go out.

    On my 2001 Sequoia Limited 4WD I changed the rear rotors and pads today and now the brake warning light and VCS lights won't go out. :sad3d: On each rear caliper when I installed the pads I removed the caliper from the brake line and when I reattached it after putting the new pads in I bled...
  2. 4wd won't engage, no ABS, no traction control, no LSD

    08 Crewmax 4wd with lots of flashing lights. :confused: 4hi 4lo and vsc lights flashing. ABS and traction control light on. 4wd will not engage, no anti lock brakes, and no traction control. This happened while driving on wet/icy road in 2wd. I stopped the truck and turned off. Started back up...
  3. abs and vsc lights on

    I just purchased an immaculate toyota sequoia with 30k. 2003 model year. VSC and ABS lights constantly on. Dealer pulled codes and 1203, 1223, 1244, and 1310. He says replace yaw rate sensor to start with no guarantee $550. I can't believe a vehicle with this little use and toyota, and...