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  1. Valve Noise After Head Gasket Service

    I'm new to this forum, any help would be great. We did a Head gasket on an 04 sequoia 4.7L to fix a stripped thread on a spark plug tube on the passenger's side. car starts up right away but has a valve type noise on that side. one of my techs thinks the vvt actuator might not be priming up...
  2. 36 Hours Old Bad VVTi Controller

    Took delivery of new 2010 Tundra DC 4x4 4.6l late Wednesday. Spent three years getting the nerve to buy one. Woke up to an engine light this morning after a grand total of 92 miles. "VVTi controller" is what the shop is telling me. Backordered, but a 2 day repair when it comes in. Now I...