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  1. 1Gen-Tundra
    Hello! I have a 2006 Tundra DC. We had heavy rain here in Texas the whole day yesterday and my truck started to act weird last night. The low beams were turning on randomly and not turning off, and then truck starts to run when i turn the ignition to ON position and not start. After hours of...
  2. 2Gen-Tundra
    I am thinking of having a little pool party in my 2008 SR5 5.7l crewmax and i ran some calculations as well as doing a little snooping on whether this is feasable. What i found was to fill my bed it would be about 3,300 lbs of water and my truck is rated to carry 1550lbs BUT this is for a...
  3. Sienna
    My 2006 Sienna CE has water on the drivers side floor and I suspect it is coming from the air conditioner evaporator not draining . Can someone please tell me where to find the evaporator drain tube. Thank You ...Frank ps it hasen't rained in 2 weeks .
  4. Tires and Wheels
    Hey Guys, With the F1 races coming to Singapore soon, I am really interested to know what makes these vehicles run so fast. Don't the tires burn out easily. What type of components make up the tires.
1-4 of 4 Results