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  1. My Father's Day Present!

    I know it's not a Porter Cable, but it's my first polisher and the reviews look solid. Plus a concoction of detailing products that made my list after reading a lot of your threads, so thanks! Here's what I've got for my big black Tundra (washing this thing is a beast!): B&D 11 amp variable...
  2. Wax & Polish, How Often on Black Paint?

    I have a brand spanking new 2011 Black TRD 5.7L 4x4. I just waxed and polished it. Pics attached :D I have read lots on the types of wax and polish everyone uses. But I have Black paint, so how often do I need to wax and polish this Back beast? FYI, I live in extreme HOT climate of Las...
  3. Going to Detail my Truck

    Just got some from school, now im going out side to do a full detail on my truck!! I will have pictures up later this evening.