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wet okole

  1. Anybody know what size decals to put on the windshield?

    Interior & Exterior
    I have looked throughout the forums but I haven't found anyone mentioning front windshield decals. I was looking for a white or maybe orange colored decal that said "Tundra" to center across the windshield. but I haven't found any yet. any one have a good link or know someone? I'm looking to...
  2. Rock Warrior Photos

    There has to be a few Rock Warrior editions out there. Here is mine with a few mods. Custom TRD Wet Okoles Rhino liner Custom tinted taillights with NiteShades BHLM done with Krylon fusion Satin black Weathertech digital fits front a rear I'd like to see everyone post there...
  3. Wet Okole Group Buy Fall 2010

    I want to get a group buy together, I will be contacting Wet Okole to find out details on how this works.