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wheel bearing

  1. 04 tundra front ABS ring

    So recently bought my tundra which needed the front left wheel bearing replaced. After getting the spindle of I can’t get the hub out. I’m assuming the previous owner left it for so long that it welded itself it there, so we’re going to cut it out but I can’t find the front ABS ring anywhere...
  2. 250,000 miles nevr greased wheel bearings

    Tire, Wheel, and Alignment
    It dawned on me that as I reach 250,000 miles that I have never greased the wheel bearings. I am guessing it might be a good idea to do this? If so what grease and should I replace the wheel bearings? There is no noise, just curious.
  3. Front Dif/Bearing Noise

    Engine & Drivetrain
    Ladies and Gents, Just bought a 2002 Tundra SR5 (access cab) AUTO 4WD with 150k. I bought this from a friend who has had it since 50k miles. He has kept up with all the maintenance.. or so i thought. I have replaced both lower ball joints and front axles and cant seem to find a solution for...
  4. Rear Brakes / Rear Wheel Bearing?

    I was doing a brake pad replacement on my 2001 4.7 SR5, and the fronts were worn so I replaced them. Then, I jacked up the rear axle to change the rear shoes and they looked like they've never even made contact with the drum. SO, I left them alone and adjusted them until they were making...
  5. 05 Tundra rear axel differential water contamination

    3rd time in about 16 months I have had to take my 2005 Tundra into the dealer to get the driver rear wheel bearing and seals replaced! First stock OEM lasted until about 120,000, not bad, no complaints. Dealer replaces it, at a hefty cost I might add. 6 months later, same issue, making...
  6. Wheel bearings,...ball joints,...shocks...who knows?

    Hello to all. First timer here. Have a 2000 Tundra, 4.7, 2wd, SR5. 139k. Replaced all 4 shocks at about 100k with OEM from Toyota. I have NEVER replaced the wheel bearings or the ball joints. Now, here is my issue. I can feel every bump in the road, front and rear end feel "loose", going over...