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  1. Steering Wheel Replacement?

    Hey guys, my steering wheel is pretty rough. It’s the Tan leather and I was looking around and found some people saying they got some from My question is what color should I get? The tan in these trucks are a weird mix of brown and light tan. Also, would it just be easier to...
  2. OEM wheel stud specs?

    Does anyone have the specifications for the OEM wheel studs? Are the front and rears different? I'm trying to find one to order from my local 4wheelparts shop. Stud length? Thread length? Base length? Spline length? Thread and spline diameters?
  3. New Tundra - Help with wheels

    New Member Introductions
    I have a 2017 Tundra 4x4 with stock steel wheels no lift. I want to replace with XD rockstar 3. Tires on it are 255-70-18 with what I am told is a +60 offset. Can I go with a 285-70-18 Rockstar wheel with a 0 offset? I think the math works this way but want to make sure I have it right: +60...
  4. 18" Steel Wheels for Winter Use?

    Tire, Wheel, and Alignment
    I have a 2006 Tundra and this summer I upgraded to18" alloy wheels with my summer tires. I live in northernCanada where we get snow 6+ months of the year so I would like to have a separate setof 18” rims with winter tires so I can change them over whenever I want and mygood summer rims are...
  5. Gen 1 Wheel bearings- Front

    Good morning everyone- Would anyone have a pdf or any other instruction on how to remove a wheel bearing (Front) on a 2000 Tundra ? Honestly appreciated !! :) Jon
  6. Wheel Offset Question

    So, I'm looking for some new wheels and I was wondering if someone could explain the offset to me. Does it accomplish the same thing as wheel spacers? If I understand it correctly - a positive offset sits further inside the fender well and a negative offset sits further out??? Also, what...
  7. 1998 Avalon wheel/road/unkown noise

    I have a 1998 Avalon that I bought new. It has about 50k miles and has been well maintained. The only major service has been a timing belt/water pump change about 6 months ago. First, I want to apologize for the length of this posting. Second, I am learning how difficult it can be to...
  8. 4x4 alignment every 20k????

    Every 20k miles when I take my 2008 Tundra to the dealer for routine service, they want to add on a wheel alignment for $100. I had a 4x4 Jeep Cherokee I had for 20 years, and 270k miles on it an never recall the dealer "up selling" me an alignment. Is that normal or overkill. The service...
  9. Tire Size Selection - Help Needed ASAP

    Hey Guys - I'm looking to upgrade my current tires (running an 08 DC SL5 w/ the Steel Rims and Bridgestone Duler 255/70/18s) - Truck only has 15k but I just got a set of the TRD alloy rims and can't wait to replace the Steels. I've read just about every post and it seems that for most of you...
  10. Flat Black or Gloss Black. . powder coating wheels?

    When I bought my 2004 tundra, it came with some decent chrome Ultra wheels (go to my profile to check them out). I live in MT, and the guy before me didn't change the wheels during winter, so road salt is causing the chrome to corrode. I'm debating between flat black and gloss black on my...
  11. spacers for minor rub with 285X75's

    I have a 2001 Tundra TRD Off road 2WD with stock rims. I put 285x75/R16s and have a minor inside rub with the frame on full wheel turn. Has anyone encountered this and come up with a cheap, safe solution?
  12. Offset Questions?

    My step dads looking into putting aftermarket rims onto his 05 tundra 6 lug, and wanted to know what offset would be best for his truck? hes looking at putting 17s:D
  13. 2009 Toyota Camry LE

    Hi, We bought a 2009 toyota camry about 20 days ago and it runs fine except when we drive it at around 30-40 mph OR when we take our foot off the accelerator. The wheels don't move as freely as our older camrys did. Even on a down slope of a road, the car comes to a gradual halt within 100...
  14. F1 Races

    Tires and Wheels
    Hey Guys, With the F1 races coming to Singapore soon, I am really interested to know what makes these vehicles run so fast. Don't the tires burn out easily. What type of components make up the tires.