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  1. Wiper pump / wipers not working

    My wiper fluid stopped spraying so I tried to replace the pump since all the hoses seemed fine. The replacement pump I bought didn't have a plug, just two wires, so I cut off the old plug and spliced the wires. Now not only does the pump not work but now my windshield wipers don't work at all...
  2. Tundra wipers won't work.

    Got in my 08 tundra the other day and the wipers wouldn't work so, I checked the fuse and it was blown. I replaced it , turned them on again, and the fuse immediately blew again. It's hard to believe that a vehicle this new is having wiring probems. Has anyone had this problem or know of a fix???
  3. '08 Tundra TRD off road - wipers won't turn on.

    Toyota TRD Pro
    High...not sure i'm in the right forum, but the other day, I went out to my Tundra, started it, and, boom, no wipers. Washer works fine but no wipers at any speed. I checked the under panel fuse and it was blown. Replaced the fuse but still no wipers. As the fuse did not blow again, I am...
  4. Echo wiper blade tip

    Out-of-Production Cars & Minivans
    I found a newer-style, frameless wiper blade for the Toyota Echo. That 14" passenger-side is nearly impossible to find in a frameless blade. 'Trico NeoForm Beam Blades' is the only one that I found that comes in a 14" (they also come in the 22" for the driver's side). They're great blades and...
  5. Wiper replacement

    Questions for wiper replacement on an '02 8 cylinder: 1. Do I replace the whole armature like they sell in the stores? I bought some Anco blades at Sears and I do not see how the new arm replaces the original- or even how to get the original off. 2. Can I just insert a refill? Toyota part...