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wont start

  1. 2002 Tundra suddenly won’t start

    So I drove my truck to and from work today parked it at home and 4 hours later went out to start it. I got in it and nothing, no dash lights, cab lights, no noises, just won’t start at all. Doesn’t even try. But my off-road lights are still getting power and turning on. My dad and I hooked up...
  2. Truck quit on the highway and won't start

    My 2011 4.6 liter quit on me while driving yesterday, codes say it was all four camshaft position sensors. It has a brand new battery and had just recently got he oil changed. I'm curious if it is actually all 4 sensor or if there may be a problem with the timing belt or any other reason that...
  3. 2012 5.7 Trudeau Crewmax wont start after new battery install

    Electrical & Computer Systems
    2012 5.7 Tundra Crewmax wont start after new battery install Hey Guys, I had purchased a battery and had not had time to put it in last week. Trying to finish everything at work to go deer hunt the last weekend of the season! Anyway, truck would not start so i put the battery in quickly. In...