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zero point calibration

  1. 2006 ZPC for VSC issues

    Does anyone have the procedure for a 2006 4wd Sequoia SR5 on how to do clear the ZPC codes and then ZPC calibrate the master cylinder sensor, deceleration sensor, steering sensor and yaw rate sensor, etc. I see different procedures on this site, including a 2001 sequoia 2wd. I just want to...
  2. 2001 Sequoia Zero Point Calibration

    The other day my wife called and said her battery was dead, I went and jumped it and thought nothing of it. The next day; dead again. After jumping the second time the VSC off and VSC trac lights were on. After a trip to AutoZone, I figured out that the battery was fine but the negative cable...
  3. 2001 Zero point calibration yaw vsc trac steering angle

    I started having trouble with the VSC TRAC lights. I was getting random grabbing on left rear. I may have a bad speed sensor there, but I wanted to share what I have learned. There are 3 pins on the OBDII connector you will use, Ts, Tc, and CG. The pins are arranged like: ......__...