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00 tundra performance upgrades (suggestions ?)

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I have a 2000 tundra 4.7L 4WD 126,000 and I am about to do a bit of work to as far as suspensoin, exhaust and intake. I am going to install JBA headers and I was thinking about putting cherry bombs on instead of a conventional muffler system. do you think that would create to little backpressure. I am not worried about the noise at all. I know a guy that put glasspacks on his GMC and it sounds really good. also I was going to put a 5" lift kit with 33 10's mainly for driving on the beach, stock suspension is way to bouncy. and the cold air intake is going to be a volant. from what I have heard it is the best sytem you can get for a tundra. it is basicaly a high performance version of what is already there.
I will post pics when I get the work underway.
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all sounds good to in my opinion! i got my volant intake and fell in love all over again! i was thinkin' about the cherrybombs, but just went with the magnaflow and am very happy
IMO - get a TRD or K&N drop in filter (keep the stock box), JBA Headers and replace the muffler (have nothing after the muffler other than a 90* elbow dumping the exhaust fumes down.
Put whatever muffler you want in there, but keep the tube the same size.

The gains from any intake system are highly debatable but the dyno numbers show all of them as losing torque below 2500 rpm in favor of small increases at high rpm and wide open throttle.

Search the E&D forum for some interesting discussions on how to gain a few pounds of torque here and there.


*edit* Some light reading to get you started:
Agree... I got the Magnaflow in place of the stock muffler first thing. Not real expensive (or offensive) yet it really delivers. Adjust volume by foot, can even act civilized! At least some of the time. Later came JBAs. Stock piping, stock intake. Valve body in trans, 4.56s one day soon.
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