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Hi All,

Our Sequoia has front and rear disc brakes. I'm really not sure how it moved those 4-5", I'm assuming it was the chassis moving (rocking), not the tires. The front tires were NOT locked up, just the rear. The way it got fixed was brute force - put it in drive and floored it - the rear driver tire was moving slightly, the rear passenger, not at all. The front tires basically pulled the rear ones until the rear driver tire loosened up, then it took about 20-25' of dragging that last frozen tire down the driveway until it just went BAM!! and popped loose. I can't believe just how tightly frozen they were - I drove it through some pretty wet weather right before we left and it was wet during the week too -

Take care-
If the problem returns, I would have to say that it is an axle seal leaking and causing the e-brake pads to hang up. Rolling 4-5" and then stopping is a very common axle seal leak ,problem and symptom. The gear oil coats the linings of the brakes and locks things up. I did one yesterday with this same symptom.
Just something to check if the problem persists.
I agree with CHIS01YZ, how can rust be the problem if it rolls????
I think you just released the the stuck brakes from an axle seal leak, by using BRUTE force, and the problem may return.
I hope I am wrong.
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