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Hi. This is my first time posting, but I hope my all-around truck experience will help.

I don't know if you've tried this, but check your air filter out. I got 3+ mpg after switching out my dirt/bug infested filter and replacing it w/ a k&n with no change in driving style (also, as a bonus w/ a k&n you get this real cool whistling noise if you goose the throttle up, so it's kinda sweet)

Also, note your driving style. Are you tailgating others who get in your way, and braking super hard and late?

Do you have stuff in the bed (I had several cinder blocks in the back when it was raining...and I never bothered taking them back out...turns out that they were eating ~1 mpg)

And yes, air pressure is a big deal for a truck, so it's gotta be spot on. deflated tires = BAD. I personally have 36 psi in each tire, and if it wanders 2-3 psi short, then I inflate it up.

Hope all this helps...
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