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How much of this do I want to go into......??
02 Tundra V6, 190k miles
Under a load, the truck developed a miss here and there.

Checked for vacuum leaks but found none.Replaced some hoses anyway.
Finally got an error...

Code 300 (random misfire)
Code 305 (Misfire on number 5)
I replaced Plugs,wires and coils.
Codes are gone but still have the slight misfire under load.
Replaced TPS and MAS.
No change.Still have the misfire under load.

Purchased some "Cheap" fuel injectors and new intake gaskets (both) and installed them. The truck ran like crap. (Who in good conscience sells this trash?)

Typical of bad injectors, it ran nice at warmup but after warming up it was awful.
Purchased some "Good" injectors and installed them. The truck ran okay but still not right.Turns out they sold me injectors for an 04 instead of an 02. (Internal resistance was all wrong).
Purchased some more "Good" Injectors and the truck ran okay but they leaked.

Purchased some "Better" injectors and installed them. Now the truck is running pretty much the same as it was before.Runs well but has a slight misfire.
Now just to give an example of the nightmare I've had with these injectors....
After spending close to $500.00 for "Better" injectors from JC Whitney, one of the 6 that came was actually a core return in the box.

Since I open things as I go, I didn't notice until I had the top off the motor and the injector rail out. It's just my luck and it's just BS. Typical of what I've been through with this mess.

At that point I was kinda forced into using one of the leaky injectors with new o-rings.

That's where I am now.
I know it's hard to diagnose with that one "different" injector but thought I would ask for others thoughts just the same.
Your input and suggestions are welcome.
Thanks, Jafo
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