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04 4-runner brake pedal travel

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The brake pedal on my 04 4-runner will hit the floor if I push hard. The brakes work fine, but this is a bit disconcerting. The dealership said there could not find any problem. Anyone have a similar experienc; know the answer?
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I have an 03 4runner and the brakes do the same thing. It's annoying but I guess thats the way they are. I had a mechanic that I trust check them and he said they look fine. Not sure what else to do about it...sorry.
our 03 does the same thing, one way I have found to help is to top off the brake fluid, and do a hard stop making the ABS engage, when the ABS engages it resets everything that has to do with the brakes.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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