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All- I have been reading some of the other posts and need some help troubleshooting my issue.

I have 04 DC with 125k. Went to the hills yesterday, engaged 4wd hi, light came on but front wheels not engaging. Tried 4 low and transfer case works shifts to low range but still no front wheels.

Came home put in 4wd and tried to turn front driveline. Wouldn’t turn so transfer case actuator seems to be working. Jacked it up spun the front wheels and the driveline didn’t spin which leads me to something in the front end. Based on other posts most say their 4wd light flashes when there are ADD actuator issues. Mine light comes on - no flashing

How can I determine if this is an issue with ADD actuator or something else in the front diff.

Two weekends ago it seemed to work fine but also went up a Knarly hill and ended up not having enough clearance. Not sure if I could have broke something like a hub?

First post and really appreciate any ideas or help.
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