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Just wanted to pass along my results on a brake job I did on the Tundra last week, first off the truck only has 36K miles on it and I was replacing the stock Bilstein shocks with the 5100's and wow that was a great move, but back to the brake job, I happened to take a look at the pads while I was replacing the shocks and noticed that I was almost down to the backing plates, as I went looking for replacement pads I am very picky about wanting pad with a good initial bite but also a wide temperature operating range and low dust and yes I know I want it all, I did a query on some different forums and found the Duralast gold CMax pads had very favorable reviews so I picked up a set and gave them a try.

Results: after turning the stock rotors and installing the new pads I have to say I'm very impressed with initial bite and temperature range braking ability, compared to the stock pads they appear to have more initial bite and its feels more linear in baking then the stock pads and the icing on the cake is virtually no dust and noise, very impressive.

Also of note, I checked the back brakes which had 80-85% lining left, I took the hose and rinsed the bake dust out and checked everything over, I found that the lube the factory uses on the self adjuster had turned to glue and the adjuster was very difficult to rotate, I spayed it down with brake cleaner and left it dry of lube, I found it rotated very smoothly with out any lube, after reassembly and adjusting up the rear brakes, I have found the rear brakes are now staying adjusted up like they were suppose to have from the beginning, the pedal grabs at the top of the travel now rather then midway, after the new pads and the rear brakes now adjusting up properly, the brakes actually feel really good and assuring when braking now.

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