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Can somone with a 4wd '05-'06 DC please take a picture of your 4wd ECU / transfer case computer and the connector that plugs into, Id like to see the color of the wires, its located behind the passenger side kick panel. Just unscrew the 4 door sill screws, pop that off then unscrew the little black plastic nut on the side of the kick panel and pull / the kick panel straight back towards the seat to release it from the 2 brass holders.

See post #39 ---> Tundra 4wd conversion - Page 2 - YotaTech Forums

Thanks for any help! :tu:

EDIT: Found it or should I say found them. :)

It shows F20 & F21 as the location for the 4wd ECU connectors, I was looking for a single plug like the older 1st gens have. For whatever reason in '05 & '06 Toyota switched to a 2 plug 4wd ECU. All of the wires are the same colors as the single plug 4wd ECU theyre just split into 2 plugs now. They were taped to the back of the connector holder. Glad I got a service manual. ;)



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