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I've searched the forum till my eyes are crossed, and I can't find mention of a bulb # or source for my particular lighter bulb. Many know this is not a push in type bulb...but a solder jobby. I'd replaced several other interior bulbs in my truck, but from my forum search had decided not to mess with my dash bulbs for this(solder type)reason. Rewind to start of my(Quarantine)week with lower dash removal because of my sliding cupholder problem...would not push into dash completely. After finally removing the dash mounted receiver end, I found 1 of the 2 plastic spring loaded trips which allow the slider portion to fully seat back into the receiver, had become dislodged and a small part missing. So I removed the broken left side trip, sprayed inside the receiver with dry silicone spray, and all is well there. Then while I was in that deep I decided to delete the AC ON during defrost mode function which I also tripped over during my searching for the cupholder issue. That one worked like a charm and am anxious to try it out in real time. Then of course while I had the dash out and in my hands, that damn cig bulb was staring me in the face. I talked myself into it being a push type bulb even after reading about the 05 dash bulbs. It had to be push type right?...was only inches away from the push type ash tray bulb I had already replaced. You prob can tell how that job ended. So 2 out of 3 accomplished, and a long winded question about a bulb number and source. I added a few pics of my broken/removed cup holder part and the lighter socket and ash tray harness Thanks



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