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I want to thank Rizico, Phil0411 and RacerX825. their work helped me do this mod. I didn't do everything in their mod but got the outcome that what I wanted.
I did some cut and paste of some of the instructions from these guys to save time, and added parts as necessary.
This is for an '05 Sequoia with drl's.
They will work from the factory switch as stand alone, with parking lights, and with low beams. I have not figured out how to make them work with the high beams but will try figure it out this weekend.
If anyone already knows feel free to share.
This is from Phil0411 sticky.
Step One.
First, take out the phillips head screw on the bottom side of the column. The turn your steering wheel 45% and you will see a screw facing you either to the left or the right of the wheel. Take out the first screw then turn the wheel 180% and you will see the screw on the other side. Take it out then remove the lower portion of the column cover. Be careful and don't pry on it. It's kind of tricky, buy it will come off with a little squeezing. You will see the wiring and plug going to the combo switch. You are looking for the Green wire with a black stripe and also the larger gauge white wire with the black stripe. You are going to cut the green wire with the black strip about 2 or 3 inches from the plug. Now cap off or tape off the end running back under the column. Rizico used a tap connector at this point, but I chose to solder ... either is fine I'm sure but I soldered because the green/black wire is pretty small gauge and the white/black is much bigger. Keep in mind DON'T cut your white wire with black stripe, you are just splicing in the green/black to it. What you just did was give the Green/black constant ground instead of only having ground with the low beams on. After you have taped up your work, you can button up the column part of this mod and put it all back together.
Unplug the DRL switch next to the battery to disable your DRLs. After disabling the DRL's I started the truck and took off the parking brake. I noticed the DRL's did not come on. I then turned on the foglights and they came on (parking lights off). I then turned on the parking lights and the foglights are still on. Switched to low beams and they're still on.
The only drawback right now is that they don't work with the high beams. I'm not too concerned with that since I'm getting HID's and where I'm at I really don't use them that much anyway.
Hope this helps. I tried the other mods and they did not work for my '05 Sequoia with DRL's. If anyone has anything different please share it with the rest of us.
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