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05 Taco Sport with 270/ 70/17 BFG a/t K/O's with major balance problems - HELP PLEASE

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I have a 05 taco trd 4 door long box sport with 14,000 kms (8700miles)and I recently put new 270/70/17 bfg all terrains on it. When I drove it home, the truck had the worst imbalance that I have ever had on a vehicle. The steering wheel was shaking so bad that the steering wheel was turning left then right back again about 3 inches on the highway.So, I took it back and they rebalanced the tires for me. This time it was better, but it still had an imbalance from 80km to 120 kmh and it pulled to the right on the highway.. So I took it back again and they said they need to put it on the (dyno force balancer) I think that's the name. After they put it on the balancer they said it was alot better. After, I got the truck back it still had an imbalance. So I phoned them up and told them that it was still not right. He suggested that I might have a seperated belt in one of the tires. SOOOOOOO, I take them back AGAIN and he puts the truck on this special balancer and he figures out that I have two tires with seperated belts. Kal Tire ordered me two new tires today and had them installed and balanced........Guess what.......I still have an unbalance and it pulls to the right on the highway.

He did tell me last week that newer Toyota's where notorious for having balance problems. He says that If I am still having problems after the two new tires are installed, that I can put any other tire on that I choose ( I would have to pay the difference, if there is any)

I have had 1995 Chev Tahoe, a 1997 GMC Yukon, A 2003 Toyota 4Runner Sport with bfg a/t's - and all of them had no balance or pulling problems.

Why is it that if newer Toyota's have balance problems how come I didn't hav a single problem with my 03 4Runner with the EXACT same tire????

I really like the BFG's and want to stay with them but I am torn on what should I do because I am not going back to those crappy Dunlop AT20's.

Any help or suggestions would be great.

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There have been so many people here with alignment problems with these trucks. I have a minor shake in my steering wheel at around 55 mph too, but haven't yet taken it in to get it checked out. The consensus here seems to be you need to make sure the tires are road forced balanced using a Hunter GSP 9700 machine with a Haweka adapter. Make sure your shop is using this machine, that it's calibrated and that the person doing the balancing is a trained tech not a part time high school kid. This guy put a good description to print and take with you.
It would be interesting to know if those that are experiencing this are all riding on the same rims. Jim O'Toole, it looks like you're using the stock TRD Sport 17" rims. Is this true? Would others who experience the balance problem care to mention what rims they're running?

I haven't noticed this problem. I have the 16" alloy SR5/TRD Off-Road rims with the crappy Dunlop Grandtrek at20s.
I have 285/75-16 and tire pressure is pretty sensitive, what are you running? also the haweka lug centric adapter is key for a good balance.
Re: 05 Taco Sport with 270/ 70/17 BFG a/t K/O's with major balance problems - HELP PLEASE

Yes, I am running stock 17" sport wheels. Thanks for the info regarding balancing tips ibleedblue. I am trying to track down someone in my area who knows how to balance Toyota's. (Who actually knows what the hell they are doing!) Anyone have any thoughts on other tires if I can't get this mess sorted out. Ireally like the Goodyear MTR's, but I really don't need such an aggresive tread.

Don't discount the possibility that the tire guys may have bent a wheel or that the wheels or tires are out of round. It's not hard to bend a wheel on a tire machine if the tire guy screws up. You might jack up the truck, spin the tires and measure the lateral and radial runout. You can do this at home visually (look for wobble) but that's not conclusive. It's better to put a runout gauge on them and measure it. A well equipped tire shop should be able to do that. Often radial runout that is out of spec can be "fixed" by deflating the tire, rotating it 180 degrees, and rebalancing. Toyota should have max runout specs listed somewhere, I'm not sure where they'd find them. My guess is something like 15-20 thousands max but it's been a long time since my tire store days.

[edit] After sleeping on it I think the maximum allowable radial runout is more like 50 thousandths. Lateral runout is less.
Anyone have any thoughts on other tires if I can't get this mess sorted out. Ireally like the Goodyear MTR's, but I really don't need such an aggresive tread.

Are you looking for an offroad tire, or an all terrain type? The MTR's look pretty aggressive for a daily driver! If you're looking for more of an all terrain type that's inline with the KO's, I'd recommend looking at the Bridgestone Dueler A/T REVO's. They should be right in line with what you've paid already. I had a set of these on my old Tundra a loved them! Excellent traction in all conditions. We don't see much snow or ice, but my wife is a nurse and has to go to work no matter what the weather conditions (central NC shuts down totally when there snow falling, so someone going to work in the snow/ice is almost unheard of) so I needed something that could give traction mainly in light snow or ice. These tires fit the bill perfectly for me. They are what I plan on putting on the Tacoma once the factory Bridgestone's wear out.

Check out Tire Rack's user survey of the highest rated tires. This should give you an idea of what to shop for. When I purchased the Revo's they were #1 in this ranking. They've since fallen to #4.
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I have the Revos, size 265 65 17 (Stock). I too notice a vibration at 55 or 60 mph. I brought the truck in for it's balance and rotation without a vibration and when I drove the truck home I noticed the vibration. I upgraded to these tires thinking they would be the best choice for all weather conditions. I may have some mud stuck in the wheels, but if it was balanced, they should be balanced, right? I'm thinking at the next rotation and balance that the vibration should go away, I hope. Darn expensive tires. Oh yeah, I have an 05' Taco TRD Sport 4x4 Access cab.
Re: 05 Taco Sport with 270/ 70/17 BFG a/t K/O's with major balance problems - HELP PLEASE

FYI: After puttinga 3" Tuff country lift on my 06 Tacoma DC SB, I went to the BFG TAs in 1 285X75X16 on American Racing Mohave Teflon wheels. One block from and after up to speed @ 30mph I noticed what i thought was HUGE rpoblem with balance of 1 or more wheels, There was shimmy and front end shake. really bad, oh ya a pull to the side as well. I turned around and drove back, they rebalanced and was a tiny bit better, but drove around a bit thinking it would get better.. ya right..

So next morning drove to tire dealer at 7:45, they pulled all wheels from truck and one of the techs noticed an imperfection in sidewall, a small buldge, in two of the four new BFGs. They ordered two more and had them on my truck within an hour. drove off the lot and down the road .. as smooth as silk.. even at 90mph. cured the problem. The manager said they rarely, but DO sometimes get a few BFG TAs like that.

No problems since and have 12k on them. Rotate every 3k.

Hope you find your cure!
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Re: 05 Taco Sport with 270/ 70/17 BFG a/t K/O's with major balance problems - HELP PLEASE

my thought is that the 17s manufactured with the sport just have a severe issue with balancing. It has been an issue since the 2005 model and based on what you say, has yet to be fixed. It isn't so much an issue with the tires as the wheels just suck. Since I can remember on my truck the 60-65mph steering wheel vibration is there, at this point I'm just used to it...

To be honest I would see if they have a set of 16s around the tire shop that you could test out to see if that is the issue...However, i've also heard of people with the 17s having issues as deep in the drivetrain as the driveshat not being balanced or any other number of issues...

I've thought about taking it in to the dealer...but I'd rather not deal with them saying that it's my fault cause I haven't rotated tires or that I need to get new tires to test this out first. plus I don't have much time...
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