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When parked in the garage on a warm day I too can smell, on occasion, the odor of coolant. I ran my '06 DBL Cab PreRunner in to my shop and placed on the lift to investigate.
I found this.. On the right side of the block is a handy drain petcock. It is damp around the o-ring that seats the valve against the block. It is so minor I haven't bothered to take it to Toyota yet. I will but haven't had time.
Yes, I have seen some "loss" in the reservoir too. But I'll attribute that to the new coolant formula that most manufacturers are using now. Gone is the "Prestone" and the new long life coolant has more of a tendency to evaporate.
It's a good thing. I'll take the time to top off versus a coolant that has phosphates in it that will pit the engine liners and head over time.
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