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05 tundra into a pre runner

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alright so since my truck is only 2wd i cant really do the stuff that 4wd trucks can do so i decided to turn my truck into a pre runner. i have an 05 tundra with 2.5 fabtech coil overs in the front and stock shocks in the back. give me some ideas on what i really would want for my truck. i know i need bumper,fenders, and new shocks. throw some ideas out in the air for me thanks!
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what pics would you like to see?
well show us ur truck to see what were working with lol
Nice so far. Are you thinking long travel suspension? Upper control arms, lower control arms, real pricey shocks, bump stops, limit straps, spindle gussets, fiberglass fenders, custom bumper, and that's just the front! Don't let me spend for you! When you get into it, one thing leads to another real quick. You will need fiberglass fenders to clear the long travel, and with the fender flares you have, it just wont look right having those flares on the bed, you either will have to pop them off and fill the holes or get a fiberglass kit for the bed too. And then there is the caging, and fabricating the tube frame to mount the long travel rear shocks, different springs, HMMMMMMMM!

What are you really after, a functional pre runner, or just something with pre runner looks? It looks like you are already tipped a bit to the back, the Southern California Lean. It isn't popular here, but my truck does it too. If you want, check out the socaltundras site, they have a few long travel tundra's there that are double cab like yours.
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yaa i know the cali lean aint what off roaders or pre runners like at all. im not a fan, this is my second truck i flipped my first truck. now its time to fix this truck up and what i really want to do is make it a decent pre runner with fiberglass front and rear fenders, bumper,and long travel suspension. i just want to be able to take it out on the sand and dirt and have fun. nothing to insane. if ya know what i mean, and if i really could...ohh i would be exactly like you dude and buy all of that amazing stuff.
I don't have that stuff, but might one day, just depends what my truck evolves into. It's been changing for a few years.

If you want to get into it with long travel, I'd go get the Camburg kit. It's expensive, but it's worth it. For the front end, you will want to get the fenders first, then the kit. You will have to do it that way, you can't stuff the suspension with the factory fenders. Then when you move onto the rear you will have to make the choices, lots of directions to go back there. IF you are on a budget(who isn't) you can get some deaver springs for the rear and get some longer shocks of your choice. That will lose a bit of payload, but everybody seems to agree the ride is better off road. For function, I'd avoid going taller as much as you can. Better to stay lower down, being that you flipped a truck already, you may agree. The race trucks aren't very tall, they are just cut up to allow suspension movement.
ya for sure my first purchase would be the fenders for the front for sure. then the kit. fer sure on the budget part, i am. i dont want to go any taller, i actually will be removing my body life i have on my truck with all this im doing to it, since im not a fan of the body lifts. which that will drop me a good 3" down. so id be sitting on a good 3" lift. I just want to be able to get rid of the body lift and still fit my 35" tires i have. so thats another reason i wanna turn it into a pre runner. along with i cant seem to get away from the dirt i love it to much. as of now...all i get to do is teach my friends how to off road and rock crawl. finally once i get some of this done ill be able to show them whats up haha.
Join they will help you out
SCT is the bomb.

Don't think about the look. A functional prerunner doesn't need to look the part...there are some sleepers out there that will give a lot of glassed trucks a run for their money.

Talk to some shops about carving out your wheel wells to fit a 35" tire. Also note that with a long travel kit, the top of the inner fender is in the way, with a 35" you're looking at moving some things in the engine compartment, to accommodate that tire, if you choose to run it. Otherwise, 33" will get you around just fine.

Budget 10-12K$ for suspension and body work. 5K$ for the front (arms, coilovers, bumps), 1500-2K for glass and paint, ~5K$ for the rear axle and suspension, and you will be getting there. You'll still need to cage the truck, and a few other things...but you'll have a good starting point with the suspension and body work.

You have a 2WD, so get the Camburg "race kit" for the front. That'll be a hit on the wallet, so get the parts, install them yourself, and come back when you're ready to spend again.

BTW, you're talking about digging a very, very deep money pit. You may want to consider something mild, and buying an older, already built, prerunner.

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2 definitely has the prerunner thing down. :)

Jensen's double cab race truck.

Ian's clean 4x4 prerunner
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05whitetundra, you sound kinda like me. I flipped my first truck (not my fault), and now I'm trying to build a prerunner (as much as my budget allows)... Like tundrunk said, Deaver leaf springs are great for the rear as long as you aren't hauling heavy stuff. If you're wanting a long travel kit, look into what Camburg has to offer. I love the mid travel Camburg "Performance System" I'm running.
thaks for all your posts guys i really appreciate them. as of now im not sure what my budget is. whats our thoughts on sway away suspension for the front? for now ill be doing front suspension and fiber glass fenders and front bumper for now. thats all.
thaks for all your posts guys i really appreciate them. as of now im not sure what my budget is. whats our thoughts on sway away suspension for the front? for now ill be doing front suspension and fiber glass fenders and front bumper for now. thats all.
SAW is as good as any other. I've run Eibach, King, and SAW coils over the complaints...
absolutely love this truck !! , i am also going prerunner but i am NOT going to go all out, just basic as it is my daily ride plus i cant afford it !!
here are my ideas
3'' coil over (looking at the icons but than again idk any suggestions ?)
extra bypass shock setup (i know its not needed but i think the look is sick with it )
total chaos UCA
fiberglass front fenders and hood
stock front bumper with lower valance taken off
custom paint
17'' kmc enduros or 17'' mt classic locks (either or i got with i want powder coated gloss black)
1.5'' or 2'' spacers in front (ify on the 2'')
rear roll pan (with custom lights maybe)
deaver leaf packs , or add a leaf with shock
nothing crazy i use my bed here and there

i know some may cringe but im also concidering adding a 3'' body lift with it all but thats up in the air

heres what i have now , at the moment its still has the 20s but there on 305 55 coopers zeons ltz and to fit them i put in 5100's front and rear
with toytec diff drop and 1.5 aal in rear. love my truck it sexy but i want it to b sexy and capable
want to build it to hold its own and **** on some jeeps and sky high guys when tested
just gonna take time like every thing else . . . any sujjestions would b great !!
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