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06 Sienna CEL Problem

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This van came to me at work with a p0171 code, ended up cleaning the MAF sensor and sending it on its way. Came back about a week later with p0174 and p0430 codes in it. Replaced the bank 2 air/fuel ratio sensor per the TSB on the p0174 code. Light came back on about a week later, with the same codes. So far i've replaced the MAF sensor and the bank 2 air/fuel ratio sensor (twice). Vehicle only has 8000 miles. I'm kind of stuck and looking for some advice where to go next. Thanks
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Isnt your van still under warrantee? These sensor should be covered under the 3yr/36,000 warrantee.

We were told with any of these codes in the TSB to replace both A/F sensors, BANK 1 and Bank 2, as per TSB.

Fuel quality? Did you accidentally get E85? It sets both those codes.

Fuel pressure?
Plugs? Vac leak? Aftermarket oil type air filter?

We have problems with rodents eating engine wiring, just a thought.

The p0430 can be a CAT CONVERTER (8/80 warranty), if not damaged physically externally.
No ecu updates I can Find either. That's what takes care of most RAV p0420/p0430's.
Without scan tool data, this is anyone guess.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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