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06 Speaker Signal?

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A friend and I are installing an infinity basslink in the 06 tacoma. I wanted to keep the same head unit so we spliced the wires into what we thought were the signal wires for the speakers for the signal to the sub (power is seperate). We were way off. We're not sure which ones are which I am so frustrated I want a sub so bad. Everything works, we got power, all we need is the right signal. Couldn't find any schematics or diagrams to tell us what we needed to know. Somebody help! Thanks a lot.

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You don't say which model Taco, but on my 05 DC, the L rear speaker leads are Black & Yellow, and the R rear leads are Red & White. I tapped into mine under the rear door sills, just remove the screws & it pulls up. For testing the wires, I use a volt meter & safety pins. Just stab the pins thru the insulation then connect the volt meter. If it is not the correct wire, a little tape or liquid insulation covers the tiny hole. Oh yeah, make sure that you have a good ground to the sub.
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