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06 Tundra Dc, Starter Run On

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Ive had several experiences with my 06 DC. When I go to start it, the starter keeps cranking the engine even when I let go of the key and the engine doesnt want to start. When I try it again it seems to start up. Ive had this happen to me like 5 x's over the past year. Anyone ever experience this?
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It's actually a feature :tu:. You can check your Owner's Manual and a search here will also turn up many other threads on this topic. Let us know if you need help finding the description in the Manual.
From Section 3, ~p. 382 (depending on which copy of the Manual you're viewing):

How to start the engine——Cranking hold function (with automatic transmission)

Once you turn the ignition key to “START” position and release it, the cranking hold function continues to crank the engine in “ON” position until it starts. The function stops cranking the engine after about 25 seconds maximum if the engine has not started yet. When you crank the engine again, wait a few seconds and restart it. If you hold the key in “START” position, the function will keep cranking for about 30 seconds maximum.
Since you're a TS Subscriber, you can obtain a pdf version of the Owner's Manual by finding it on the TS Knowledge Base. Comes in pretty handy when you don't want to run get the paper one out of the truck, and sometimes easier to search through as well.
The "feature" is the turn the key and let go part and the truck keeps cranking until it starts. The not starting after a couple cranks is not the "feature". I've had my DC do the same thing once. Second turn of the key and it started right up as always. Happens sometimes I've heard, unexplainable.
You're right. In my haste, I overlooked the part in the OP about not starting :eek:. Apologies to craig for the disconnect if that was the intended emphasis of the OP.

The time or two I've had extended cranking, the engine always started, then idled a little rough for the next several seconds. Both times, it struck me that the feature seemed kinda cool :cool:, considering I would've otherwise released the key long before--simply out of habit--being accustomed to the normal way :tu: the engine cranks right up :).

I've never timed out on the automatic crank hold and had to hit it a second time.
There's another post out there about this problem. My 06 DC does it off and on, hot weather or cold. One time it shook the hell out of itself and yet if I turn the key off when I can tell it's doing it, it'll fire right up as soon as I turn the key again. I'm loath to let the dealership look at it. Battery is good, no electrical problems, the starter sounds great. The suggestion is it's something in the ecu. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one.
I had a similar experience two mornings in a row, back when it was cold outside. Around 2000 miles on the odo, btw.

Turned the key and it cranks and cranks. When it started, it ran rough (like it was starting flooded). Smoothed out and drove fine. It did the same thing the next day.

When I got it into the dealership, they found nothing wrong. No codes. :confused:

They said if it does it again, that I should bring it in to leave it overnight; they can cold start it themselves that way.:mad: :td:


Here's hoping it doesn't repeat. Ever.
They told me the same thing, but as it rarely does it and the truck runs like a dream, I'll wait until it spits a code or doesn't start. I'm dreading the recall because I don't want them to f up a perfectly good truck.
2022 miles on mine and it has done this 2 times. I don't know what it is but it was quite disturbing as the first time it did it I was showing off my new truck to a few fellow co-workers.
Count me in too. Mine did it one time at around 2000 miles. Right in front of my coworkers after work. Embarrassing as hell. I turned the key off and let it sit for a minute and tried the second time and it started but ran rough for a few seconds.
This was the one and only time it has ever done it and I'm at 4500 miles now.
Mine never runs rough. 2-3 times it has taken the whole start cycle, but immediately starts on the second attempt. If I were to catch on it's doing it (by taking longer than a few seconds) and I immediately turn it off and re-engage the starter it fires right up. Very strange. Temp doesn't seem to matter. I started it at 19 and it acted crazy, started it at -5 and it fired right up.:mad:
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