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07 Camry Leather Seat w/ Blue Jean color transfer

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Sigh... Didnt realize the leather had the Blue Jean color transferred over.

I was wondering if anybody knows any safe product leather cleaner that can take that stain off without removing my current color on the leather.

My leather is Ash gray.

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I do not have leather seats in my car but my wife's 01 Highlander does.

I suggest you try the leather cleaner / conditioner from LEXOL. It come in either a spray or cream formula...I perfer the spray version.

There's a host of products out on the market...I suggest you do a "smell test" to make sure you can live with the product after to use it however.

Have fun!
I had the same issue on my tundra leather. Iused a wonderful product called Lexol. They make a cleaner and a conditioner and they cost about 9 dollars each. From the research I have done it is some of the best in the market for taking care of leather. I hope this helped take care.
Lexol or Zaino cleaner/Zaino conditioner.

I hate light colored leather seats.
I sit on a towel because of how easy the seats get dirty so easily.
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