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07 Dash Switches

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I have a couple extra slots on the lower left of the steering wheel where I can add switches.

Didn't think about it much, but would like to tie my Tail-Gate lock to one.

Any ideas where I can get switches to match the Toyota switches already there....other than the Dealer?

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You could give these guys a call, they helped me get a fog light switch. The price was slightly better than factory.

Toyota Parts Toyota Accessories New Parts Factory Original
If you have a Lowe's nearby, they carry a switch in the electrical section that fits in perfectly. I rigged up my DRL's to work and I got one of the switches from Lowes to turn them on and off. At my store it's over where the multimeters and cable ties and heat shrink are at. It's in red packaging and made by GB. I think it was about $7. It's not online or I'd link it.

Another place is 4x4mods. There stuff is marketed for Jeeps, but the switches fit in the Tacoma dash with no problems.

I don't think either of these kind are what you need for what you want to do though. For the tailgate lock, you need some type of momentary push button not a switch. The solenoid for the tailgate lock only requires a pulse of voltage to lock or unlock. A switch would put a constant voltage on it and burn it up. I have an electronic tailgate lock as well and I tied it into the lock/unlock circuit for the rear doors. There was a long thread on here detailing how to do that a couple months back.
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Thanks Blue, I will investigate Lowe's.

The switch needs to be one very similar to the AC swtich. Center is normally off, rock it up (momentary contact) to energize the lock; rock it down (again momentary contact) to reverse direction of lock.

I could care less about illumination. I saw somewhere on the internet a guy that had added several in those unused positions...looked great, he even had lettering that matched the Tacoma size and font.

I will let ya know how this turns out. Didn't want it tied to the auto door lock circuit. Too much movement when not really needed.

Thanks for the input folks. What I was wiring was the electric Tail Gate lock.

Installed and wired into the cab at the passenger location. Thought was that I did not need the Tail lock operating each time I used my door. So at the passenger door, at least that would greatly reduce the operation.

I ended up placing a normal off/on rocker on the lower left side of the shift console. Just ahead of the Park position.

It is flush mount, looks great and now I can either have the rear lock operate with the passenger door, or shut that feature off till needed.

Still have those other slots open, not sure exactly what to use them for....ha

Thanks again.

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