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Dealer called me up to see the truck I ordered when it came in last night. Looks beautiful but I noticed it didnt have any floormats. I ordered a Limited Doublecab and find it hard to believe that Toyota would ship a truck like that without floormats being standard. He said if they werent listed on the window sticker they are not included. There was some white paper down there but no mats to speak of. I went to Target and bought a set for $30 so no big deal.

Is anyone else receiving their new Tundras with bare carpeted floors and not having to pay extra for floormats? I had heard somewhere that no Toyotas come with floormats standard.

YES can you believe it NO FLOORMATS.:( Bought my DBL limited last weekend and no mats. So, while I was at the dealer I just paid the 75 bucks to get the set for front and back.
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