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07 tundra need help!

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My 07 5.7L now has 125k miles on it.
Maintenance is usually on point with oil changes and tune up
just recently had both wheel bearings replaced because they were drying up. (that worked out fine)
have been hearing a loud squeal (very noticeable) from the engine so i read about it and had the serpentine belt changed because it was getting pretty dry (2nd time changing it), that DIDNT seem to help:mad: so i read a little more online and they said it was the belt pulley tensioner, because the belt might be loose, so i went ahead and had that changed too but that didnt help.
the squeal isnt always happening it usually happens in between gears when giving gas between 2-3k rpms.
Any ideas what it could possibly be???

also does anybody have any dash squeaking going on?
i would like to fix all these problems to keep her going for a little while longer as i dont really want to start making payments all over again.

Any info would be appreciated!
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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