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My truck has a Icon coilover leveling kit and 35" tires and I have had a annoying clunk rattle that I can mostly feel it in the wheel but can also hear it. Only noticeable on bumpy gravel roads and sounds like a box of rocks when on washboards. I have had several shops look at it Andy they all say the same thing. "Everything is really tight".

Until last week when the shop looked at it while I was there and when there was a guy in the truck rocking the wheel back and forth he saw movement in the steering rack. I was bummed when I found out it was a $1200 repair but relieved to have the noise gone. When I saw the rack moving it looked like exactly what would cause this issue. I had them replace the R&P and the intermediate shaft while they were at it.


So today I took it to a different place and didn't mention anything about previous repair. They called and said "bad rack n pinion". He showed me how much it was moving.... looks like the OEM one that we just replaced. I am confident that the original shop truely replaced it but not sure if that movement is normal. Or is the New (reman) rack worn out.....

What next?
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