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07 tundra transfer case removal

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Hello, I joined this forum in hopes for some advice as I cannot find a video or any good turtorials anywhere. I have a 2007 tundra sr5. My transfer case actuator is toast and the screws that hold the cover to access the electric motors are rusted over and not removable. Instead of paying to have the transfer case split and the problem fixed I picked up a transfer case with 80k less miles luckily. I’ve changed transfer cases on chevys so from what I’ve been through changing a transfer case is fairly straight forward. But with all the problems I’ve had with this tundra and the crazy procedures changing parts that would normally be straight forward I’m a little worried there might be some special detail about removing and installing the transfer case I won’t discover until I’m too deep into the job. Any advice from someone who has had to do this would be greatly appreciated. I’m hoping it will be a simple as unplugging the vacuum line, electronics, driveshafts and mounting bolts but I would greatly appreciate some kind of warning to any problems I may run into. Thank you
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