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Hey guys I just got a 04 sequoia limited 4x4 and thinking about getting a lift so I can fit 33’s on it and just wondering what all would be needed that I might be forgetting I plan on this being my set up

Bilstien 5100 with ARB 2885 in the front

1inch diff drop

ARB 60071 with ARB 2865 in the back

I plan on using the stock rim which is 17x7.5 to fit a Milestar Patagonia M/T 285/70/17 with a 1.25 spacer

Is this a decent set up is there anything else that I might not be thinking of that will be needed
Any help with be appreciated
Plan on posting pics when I get it finished

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Looks like it's gonna be a nice setup.
You might need upper control arms though, but you can always get those after you do the lift and see if you are rubbing.

I personally just installed the Dobinson's 1.75" lift with Bilstein 5100 in the front and ARB shocks in the back. I notice a lot of other suspension items that needed replacing like sway bar links, sway bar bushings, ball joints, and lower control arms. So just make sure to check everything and replace as necessary. My Sequoia has almost 190k so I'm not surprised that it needed this stuff.

Drives much better now with the new components.

Also make sure you get a nice set of spring compressors and a KYB top strut mount for the front struts. It comes with new bushings and a new isolater. I got mine from

Good luck with the lift!
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