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I have a 08 Tundra SR5, DC, Short bed, 5.7 with tow package,. Quite common truck I would assume. But when I went to install my rails for my 14K Super Glide I run into big problems. I got the rear brackets in. The one on the passenger side was a bear. Then I laid out where the holes were to be drilled to mount the rear rail to the brackets. Of course the first holes I drilled were off, but I finally got the holes drilled right over the holes in the brackets. Now comes the problem. I placed the rear rail in position only to find that the holes do not line up. The lawout drawing shows that you use the second hole from each end to mount the forward side of the rail to the brackets. These holes measure 40" on center when measuring the rail. My bracket holes measure 39" on center. No way will it work.
I called PullRite tech and they suggested maybe the frame had been damaged. They requested pics of the rail brackets mounted to the frame which I will supply them asap.
My question here is has anyone here had this problem? Thanks for any help!:confused:
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