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The Toyota Stout is the predecessor to the HiLux and arrived on our shores in 1964. That year, Toyota sold exactly four of these rear-wheel-drive workhorses to American buyers. By 1969 it had been replaced by the HiLux and this makes the 1966 model that has popped up on eBay a rare opportunity.

The truck uses a 1.9 liter, 4-cylinder 3R engine. Their is a three on the tree shifter and the seller says it was repainted. It needs some exterior work and a new windshield but it seems to be mechanically sounds. The bidding has as yet to hit $3,000.

These were very popular in Asia so parts are likely still around, but overseas.You gotta love the sweeper style speedo and the Stout script badge on the dash.

The auction goes until Monday evening
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