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I have a 1996 2WD, 4cyl, 5 speed manual Tacoma that has quit on me. I'd like to get it going so that I can sell it and make some room in the garage/driveway.

It had quit on me a couple of years ago. It would start, then it wouldn't. No rhyme or reason as to when it would start and when it wouldn't. It was just a spare vehicle and I was busy with a lot of other projects so I let it set for over a year. Finally, I had someone come pick it up, tune it up and look it over. The reason it was iffy on the starting was that, according to the mechanic, it had a partially broken wire leading to the fuel pump. Sometime it would make connection, sometime it wouldn't. After that, it started fairly well and very consistently, though I didn't have much need for it and I didn't drive it much.

About three or four months ago, it started getting hard to start again. If I didn't have the gas on the floor when I tried to start it, it would just crank and crank and sound like it was flooded. I'd leave it for an hour or two, come back, and it would start. Finally, about two months ago, it just laid down completely. I started trying to troubleshoot using the Haynes manual. It says I should be able to hear the fuel pump turn on when I turn the key to on, but don't start it. I don't hear anything.

My question is, since my Taco is a manual transmission, would I need to have the clutch pressed in as well as the key in on position in order to hear the fuel pump turn on?

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