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Hey guys, I'm going to build a custom fiberglass enclosure that will replace the entire rear seat and under seat frame supports in a 1st Gen AC Tundra. No expense will be spared. Materials used will be MDF, woven roving, fiberglass cloth, fiberglass mat, polyester resin, evercoat body filler, custom paint or whatever covering you choose. I have 20+ years experience in the car audio fabrication/installation field.

What I'd like is everyone's opinions on what subs and amplifiers to design this enclosure around. The reason for this is that the enclosure will be available once completed.

Please include details on quantity and model of subs, exact model numbers of amplifiers, etc. This project can provide you with the design of your dreams.

Also, considering the craftsmanship that will be implemented into this build, what do you think an enclosure of this caliber would be worth if you had the opportunity to own it and install it in your own beloved Tundra?

Custom A Pillar mods for mids/highs will be part of this package as well, so include information on your favorite midranges and tweeters.

I look forward to your responses.
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