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Hi there,

Our company manufactures wood and steel products ranging from adult bedroom sets to locking security mailboxes. I was recently personally looking into skid plates for the Gen 1 Tundra and found very limited options in the market for high quality, 3/16" to 1/4" plate steel skid plates for the Gen 1 and Gen 2 Tundra's. While Skid row does make 3/16" plates for the Gen 1 Tundras, they are quite expensive, around $260 + shipping for each individual plate.

I believe skid plates are one of the MOST important upgrades one can make to their rig in order protect the vitals of your truck. The stock skid-plates on the Toyota's are skimpy and usually made of plastic, thin aluminum or paper thin steel that will bend or break easily and do not offer much protection.

We are looking into manufacturing front, oil pan, transmission and transfer plate skid plates similar to what skidrowoffroad offers.

We believe we could sell these plates for under $200 each, in 3/16" steel or even stainless steel, instead of 260-300 each as skidrowoffroad offers them for.

Who would be interested in these? A package deal for all four could be had for around $800, as they would be significantly more efficient to ship them all together.

Still just in the gauging interest phase, but comment below if you would be interested along with any recommendations you might have.


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