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Hello everyone. First time posting here.

I am getting ready to replace my 2000 SR5, V8 regular cab Tundra. Nothing really wrong with it, just after 7 years and 120k on the clock, I am ready for a change.

I don't really care that much for the 07's, so I am looking for either an 04, 05 or 06 SR5, 4x4 access cab with tow package.

My question is this. Due to engine, tranny and gearing upgrades over the years, which model yr. would be best suited for part time towing. FYI, I pull a 25' camper, 5000# loaded. I will put around 18,000 miles a year on the truck, with about 5000 miles towing.

I've had the usual brake and cracked header issues with the 2000. Are these problems still ongoing with the later models?

Thanks for any replys.
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