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04 Tundra 2WD
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This Tundra makes somewhere around my 10 th Toyota. My auto total is pushing 70.
I wanted 4WD but plan to move to Arizona soon and might upgrade after we settle? Time will tell. Just needed a truck to pull a small trailer and the 2004 fit the need.
It'll be fun to search out all the answers I need for the growing amount of questions swimming around in my head.
I plan to keep it mostly stock, It came with a few scratches , dents and dings so I wont be too worried to take it down tree lined mountain roads. Love to hike.
Having worked at a Toyota dealer for over 30 years I'm familiar but no expert on these rigs. Pushing a couple years since I stopped working, odd how fast I'm forgetting stuff. (parts guy for last 20 or so)
We'll hoping its a friendly place, time to study (search)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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