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2.5" Supreme Suspensions Leveling Spacer: alignment & tire size questions???

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I installed a 2.5" Supreme Suspensions leveling spacer kit on my 2010 (looks great, btw), and my suspension is otherwise stock. After installation, I got it aligned at a shop that was not very knowledgeable but said it was aligned to factory specs (sorry, I don't have the specs they used as this was months ago). Now, I am getting a lot of wear on the outside edges of the tires. Also, I'm running Badlands 208P 18" x 9" wheels with +25 mm offset.

A couple of questions:

1) What alignment specs do you guys suggest for this setup?

2) With my current tires almost bald around the outside, I'll be looking to upgrade tires soon. What is the biggest/tallest tire I can comfortably run with this setup?

Thanks in advance for the advice!
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Your tire size is fine. Your alignment is not. You'll need to run more negative camber on the front wheels to correct the height change. Raising the front will add positive camber, bringing it back to zero with an alignment doesn't always adjust for the changes it makes when turning corners, the caster adjustment play a roll on this. There are other factors that could be at play also,... Worn ball joints, bad shocks, overland bed rack or campers weighing down the rear. When I leveled my tundra, I had them put -1° from stock and I still feel like it need another half a degree or more.
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