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I got my spacer lift installed and although it looks great i have some issues with it.

I dont know allot about car suspensions but i know allot about bike suspensions. From what i can feel it feels like my truck now has no sag in the suspension and it is essentially topped out at rest. My truck feels super bumpy on dirt roads and it seems like im not getting a whole lot of travel. Not really what i was looking for in a lift.

What are my next options? I would like to retain a 2.5 lift or maybe even 3 inches. From what i have read, the camburg UCA's and new shocks are a good bet, but would new axles and hubs be nessissary as well?

Also. By switching to warn manual hubs will i notice a big improvement in suspension performance and avoid CV joint issues?

Edit: Im looking to actually use my truck for offroading, and so far i dont think that this lift is worth the ****ty suspension performance.
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