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2000 corolla CE keyless entry

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I just bought a used 2000 corolla CE but it doesn't have a keyless entry. How easy or difficult is it to install it if I wanted to do it myself? Is there a particular brand that I should look for?

The car does have power door locks. Is there a way to tell if it came with factory installed keyless entry system?

I talked to a guy from a nearby dealer and he sounded totally dis-interested. So I am guessing I will have to go to a third party to get it installed if required.

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i just ordered a kit to do this...SCYTEK Electronics -

after i install i'll post some details
To follow up on my previous post, I installed the astra 50 keyless entry system in my 2000 ce this weekend. I bought the unit on ebay for $50. Please take the info as is. I am not a professional installer by any means !

SCYTEK Electronics -

The link below is helpful for removing the drivers side kick panel and both hush panels under the steering wheel

After removing the kick panel and hush panels you need to find the following wires;



Underneath the steering wheel you will find two wiring bundles going into the steering column. When you cut back the black covering you will find one bundle with thick wires. This is the ignition harness. The other harness you also need to cut back for the horn wire

For all connections strip a small portion the cars wire, then solder and tape the kit harness wire to the existing cars wire


12 volt constant This is a thick white wire in the ignition harness. Connect to
red wire of 12 pin main harness

Ignition switch on This is a thick black/white wire in the ignition harness. Connect to yellow wire 12 pin main harness.

Find the green/red wire in the other wire bundle (this is a thinner wire 18 gauge??)
Connect green /red to brown/white 12 pin main harness

Find the dark green wire underneath fuse box.
Connect to white wire on 12 pin main harness

Underneath the driver kick panel are many wires and connection
Toward the lower right you will find a red/white (this is the door trigger to activation the dome light)

Connect to the black/white wire on the 12 pin main harness (please note there are several red/white wires. From what I read they are for each door to trigger the dome light. I just chose this one.

Underneath the drivers kick panel towards the lower left is a screw used for chassis ground. I loosed the screw and rapped the black wire on the 12 pin main harness, the violet wire from the 6 pin door lock harness and the violet/black from the 6 pin door lock harness. No solder

The rest of the wires on the 12 pin main harness are not need. I bundled them and taped them together


Violet and violet/black are chassis ground

Brown/black and white/black not used. I bundles and taped together

Looking at the wire bundles at the driver side kick panel you will find two bundles going in the drivers side door. You are looking to blue/white, blue/yellow and a white wire (I found two white wires, I used the thinner one)

Blue/white connect to green/black on 6 pin harness

Both blue/yellow and white connect to blue/black BUT you need to diode isolate the connection. You need to purchase two 1n4001 diode (can be found at radio shack)

The white stripped ends on the diodes are soldered to the blue/black wire of the 6 pin harness (I used an alligator clip as a heat sink so not to damage the diode) One diode is then solder to the white wire and one is solder to the blue/yellow wire

After connecting the battery and testing I tie wrapped the controller unit to a metal bar to the left side of the steering wheel (Page 7 in the instructions)
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Hi, I was just wondering why you needed to install diodes? Can't you just attach directly to the Toyota's unlock and lock wires ( I think that's the blue/yellow and blue/white wires depending on year of Corolla)?
this was as per the install instructions

this site has some info on why you need to do it

Blocking Diodes
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