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The check-engine light came on a few weeks ago, and the code was P0135. Found that's the driver-side front O2 sensor. So I replaced it. It wasn't terrible, but still the part cost $100! Once I was finished, the check-engine light didn't go out. The guy at Autozone said I just needed to unplug the battery for like half an hour. So, I unplugged it overnight.

This morning I spent like half an hour replacing the terminal connectors (old ones were corroding pretty bad and I had a battery issue earlier possibly due to the corrosion). Anyways, after getting that all done and dealing with the damn alarm, the truck started up and there check-engine light is off. I'm thinking I'm all set…

However, on my way to work, I stalled out 3 times because of a really low idle. I roll up to a stop-light and the engine dies. I had to put the damn thing in neutral and keep the RPMs up!

When I got to the parking lot, I rolled into my space and the engine died (again). I waited a second then turned it over and it sat there idling happily for a couple minutes!

Since everything was unplugged so long and I lost all my settings (trip-counters, check-engine light went off, etc…) I'm hoping that it's just the computer trying to figure out the proper mixture of things again. Any thoughts?
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