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I purchased a 2000 tundra V8 the understanding the belt had been replaced...Well it broke. Major engine damage. I am over 70 and not a mechanic. I had a mechanic friend refer me to a guy that repairs Toyota's out of his garage. The top of the engine was rebuilt, and new water pump, starter, belts, new radiator, new front shocks. The motor ran great for about 3,000 miles. Now there is a rod knocking as confirmed by a mechanic.....The truck has been sitting in my driveway for fear of doing more damage if driven....The truck has 260,000 miles. Of the options I do not know what is best: sell, rebuild bottom, replace with rebuilt???? I probably spent $ 5,000 on all the above repairs and if I had to face the same situation over again I probably would have replaced with a rebuilt to start.. I had looked into Jasper Engine/Transmission at the time out of Jasper, Indiana but was told they did not rebuild Toyota's....Need some expert advice
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